March 21st, 2012

Ultra Jump

Lets Fly, Lets Fly Away!

This week I have have found myself more distracted than usual as I've been asked to create a flyer for the charity School Aid. An existing flyer was created in Word which had the charities logo at the top looking more like a letter head and the paragraphs were in an odd sequence, asking for volunteers, introducing the charity then specifying the roles their volunteers would need to fill.

I had intended to use the photograph as a background for the entire flyer, however the pictures I was provided with were too small for this possibility. Instead I concentrated on a small section in the bottom right corner which I posterized which allowed me to keep the pic as small as possible, although it also required to be posterized. I played with the curves to get the colour balance right (the background was originally beige) and there's probably something else that requires my attention, but I can't think of anything other than the font I used for the paragraphs has odd looking 'k' and 'j' characters.