May 24th, 2012


Does he have an interview?

A suit for the 1/6 figure arrived today so although I've still got to wait for the Trenchcoat and something to put on the feet. No idea what I'll do after that!


MCM is being held at the Excel Exhibition Centre this weekend and I have already washed the cloths, bought snacks for the weekend (two packets of Oreos, two tubes of Fruit and Nuts, two packets of Rice Crackers, two boxes of Tracker bars a bag of Pez with dispenser some Sesame Snaps and Six litres of Scottish Highland Water). Also, due to the extreme heat I've noticed this week I decided to head to a Salon to get my hair trimmed and prevent my head from overheating. I asked for the hair to be trimmed back to at least half the length but I also expressed concerns about the length of hair that extends down my neck and so the final cut is slightly shorter than I'd usually be comfortable with.

The MCM Programme is now available, although they seem to have disabled embedding, but you can still head over to myebook and read it there!