Mathew J Pallett (mathewjpallett) wrote,
Mathew J Pallett

An Unexpected Development (not necessarily to my favour)

I realised today that the Entertainment Supermarket of Silver Town is just one month away!

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I'm not sure that I've got everything ready due to a number of unexpected events descending on me this month. The most unexpected problem to arise occurred over the weekend when the glass cover to the ceramic hob developed a crack from front to the back just over the most used ring which has led me to look for a suitable replacement. There is an Induction ring that is kept in a drawer which can be used if the hob explodes in someones face, but almost all of the pots and pans (with the exception of one cast iron Wok) are all made from aluminium.making them essentially useless as they cannot be used on the induction ring which conducts heat through electromagnetism. 
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