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Marking the Calendar

April is almost over and I really haven't got a lot done as there has been a lot of tings going on and has resulted in my calendar looking particularly full. This morning I had a Dental appointment which was a basic check up (they took some X-Rays, prodded my teeth and Gums) tomorrow I have a meeting at 11:30am and another meeting at exactly the same time on Wednesday and on Friday I have to see the Dentist again to get a filling replaced.

I painted the broken 1/6 Action Man over the weekend, although the head is a completely different one. Somebody had covered it with black permanent marker and paint thinner could only clear so much off before melting the rubber material of the head away, I made some alterations of my own which you probably can't tell, even with the aidf of a picture displaying two figures standing side-by-side. 

Still a few more pages to finish, and even less time to get it done in. It occurs to me that I have an abundance of Masculine figures to use to create poses, but the few female ones are somewhat miniscule (Busou Shinki, Figma etc.) in comparison.I should probably be concerned that I don't actually have  physical models of the various aircraft I've been drawing, but then they don't really exist (although the Ace Combat Shinden 2 comes close)!

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