Mathew J Pallett (mathewjpallett) wrote,
Mathew J Pallett

This past weekend I attended the MCM London Comic Con (as I heard it described over the tannoy) where one-hundred and thirty small press exhibitors were all squeazed into the corner of exhibition hall. As the event is primarily a promotional show there was an abundance of advertising for upcoming films such as Prometheus which you can see in Cinemas from this Friday (as early as 00:05) and G.I.Joe: Retaliation which you can see in Cinemas next March as its been delayed for ten months for re-shooting (and probably also get the toyline into stores outside the US).

I attended the Eagle Awards on the Friday where there was refreshments aplenty but few of the nominees had turned up so it was a very short ceremony after which Brian Cooney announced that it would be the final Eagle Awards which put an end to my recently concocted idea that if I were ever to win an award I would have written an acceptance speech in Sign. Due to delays on the underground due to a power failure on the Jubilee line I was quite late getting back home and as a result had less than four hours sleep and spent most of Saturday trying to prevent myself from falling asleep.

This was also an event where I found myself able to once more enjoy the art of conversing with Beautiful Women, although it would appear that a number of people had mistakenly bought shares in Facebook and had no money to buys comics with. However I was in a jovial mood due to the fact that the Green/Grey trench coat had arrived though the post. It was originally made by Hot Toys for the Ryo Saeba 1/6 scale figure which retails at around £120 but I was fortunate that I only had to pay £12.50 for the coat itself (the only alternative being a Triad Toys raincoat for £18.54). I also bought some bits and pieces but due to a misprinting in the programme which lead me to believe the Freedom Blu-Ray would be £10 when it was i fact £15 I ran out of cash quicker than I expected.

The MCM London Comic Con will return in the last week of October with a possible One-Hundred and Forty tables in the Comic Village and Probably those G.I.Joe: Retaliation banners as well!
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