Mathew J Pallett (mathewjpallett) wrote,
Mathew J Pallett

The 2012 Games

The Games of the 30th Olympiad have finished (although the Paralympics begin at the end of the month) and I had planned to participate in a few games myself, however this did not work out as well as I'd had hoped, especially as most of the games required more than one participant.

Mastermind, the classic game within which players have to correctly guess the colour sequence of four pins, receiving clues in the form of black and white pegs if a correct colour is guessed and if it is the correct part of the sequence. Naturally the difficulty understanding how to actually play the game prevented me from finding a suitable player. 

So I bought some Trivial Pursuit question packs that I'd managed to find in a local charity shop. With these questions I now have a full set of cards to go with my board (and 192 cards held together with an elastic band) and was able to play a game that took almost five hours to complete due to the nature of a few of the questions.

The question that I had the most problems with can be seen on the uppermost yellow card "What is the only mammal native to every continent, including Antartica?" As Antartica is probably the most inhospitable places on the planet I find it hard for any mammal to exist there that isn't aquatic, but that can't be the answer as there are no Whales that are native to Africa. The answer is "The mouse" which is ridiculous, there may be mice in the Antarctic research station, but they can hardly be considered native. The other question I found problematic was "What small European country has Verduz as its capital?" The question itself has a typo as Verduz is an Italian wine grape, the correct spelling is Vaduz, the capital of "Liechtenstein" (which is actually a principality)!

I'd also been convinced by my brother to buy a copy of Escape From Colditz that he'd found in a charity shop, it cost only £1.99 which was somewhat surprising as I'd seen copies of the game for sale at around £25-30 but it wan't until I got home that I discovered why it cost only £1.99. The game requires players to use pawns to move around a board that represents the castle with cards used to help them in their escape, however the copy of the game I'd bought had a board that was assembled from four pieces, two dice but only one of the five sets of cards required for play and none of the pawns.

I was able to buy a more complete board game that only had a few of the pawns missing, but there was never an opportunity to lay the board out (it is HUGE!!!) and try to make sense out of the rules.
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