Mathew J Pallett (mathewjpallett) wrote,
Mathew J Pallett

And Finally...

This somewhat large package arrived earlier today which I found left sitting on the stairs for anybody to kick down. I haven't seen James Cameron's Prometheus and have been waiting for a copy of the DVD to come through the post, although this box is obviously to large for a DVD.

Upon opening the box and its full of reams of shredded paper, of course this isn't what I ordered, rather the packing material used to secure what I've been waiting a month for.

Yes Stir Fried Product #6 has finally arrived, so I'm just about ready for the next weekend, although I need to get my hands on a new wheeled travel case with which to transport everything through the myriad of labyrinthine tunnels of the London underground system as I make my way to Custom House for Excel West from Paddington Station.
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