Mathew J Pallett (mathewjpallett) wrote,
Mathew J Pallett

Winter is Coming!

It's time to put on an extra thick jumper and check on your elderly neighbours to make sure they're okay as Winter is coming! I learned this as I walked through the park and could barely see anything six metres away from me due to the fog (which was surprisingly confined within the park).

Following months of seemingly endless dental appointment I have been fitted with a crown. Far from being content to have become a King among teeth my rear two is currently battling for supremacy with the tooth directly above due in no small part to the crown leaving no room for that tooth which is exceptionally long.

I've noticed that Google streetview has been updated. I recall seeing their car speed past me twice as I was out walking but didn't realise that they had already put those pictures into use.

I've been reading Boom Studios 'Adventures of Steed and Mrs Peel' but don't quite feel that it I'm reading 'The Avengers'. The main sticking point being that it doesn't quite look right. Even though it was a Television series, the fourth series of The Avengers had a Cinematic quality due to being shot on film rather than on Video like the first three series.

I remember watching The Avengers as a child, but I have no real recollection of the second and third series with Honor Blackman. I've been meaning to buy The Avengers on DVD for a while but didn't quite know where to start, but I've decided to start with series four, which due to the first series being lost puts it right in the middle (if you don't count The New Avengers). I've also joined the Boom Studios Forum as they have apparently "hired several people that way". Although if I inform them of my new found desire to illustrate the lost episodes of series one they'll just delete it.

But then I'd have to practice drawing likenesses of Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee who seem to be the only characters they're currently interested in.
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