Figure X

After several months of forgetting that I'd actually started this thing I've finally gotten around to finishing the figure of X (no further information about this character can be found) as I realised that I had very little Milliput left with which to perfect his hair. There are a few more hurdles before I can say that the figure is complete (and forget about it again) such as that small problem of paint rubbing away which should be sorted with an application of lacquer and also the fact that I don't have a 1/6 suit or trenchcoat.

Figure X

If you look closely to the neck line you'll notice a thin pinkish area marking where the head connects to the neck.

I wonder why that is?!

Marking the Calendar

April is almost over and I really haven't got a lot done as there has been a lot of tings going on and has resulted in my calendar looking particularly full. This morning I had a Dental appointment which was a basic check up (they took some X-Rays, prodded my teeth and Gums) tomorrow I have a meeting at 11:30am and another meeting at exactly the same time on Wednesday and on Friday I have to see the Dentist again to get a filling replaced.

I painted the broken 1/6 Action Man over the weekend, although the head is a completely different one. Somebody had covered it with black permanent marker and paint thinner could only clear so much off before melting the rubber material of the head away, I made some alterations of my own which you probably can't tell, even with the aidf of a picture displaying two figures standing side-by-side. Collapse )

An Unexpected Development (not necessarily to my favour)

I realised today that the Entertainment Supermarket of Silver Town is just one month away!

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I'm not sure that I've got everything ready due to a number of unexpected events descending on me this month. The most unexpected problem to arise occurred over the weekend when the glass cover to the ceramic hob developed a crack from front to the back just over the most used ring which has led me to look for a suitable replacement. There is an Induction ring that is kept in a drawer which can be used if the hob explodes in someones face, but almost all of the pots and pans (with the exception of one cast iron Wok) are all made from aluminium.making them essentially useless as they cannot be used on the induction ring which conducts heat through electromagnetism. 

Comfortably Numb

 My appointment for Maxillo Facial Surgery was today at 12:45 at Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot. Most of the afternoon was spent sitting in the Short Stay Surgical Unit until 5:00 when I mad my way to Theatre 4 where I was prepped for Surgery and was soon reminded of my needle phobia. I regained consciousness at around 8:00, drank some water and ate some Ice Cream and was signed out at 9:00.

I've got a course of anti-biotics which will last about a week, and have to take some painkillers twice a day and wash my moth will Corsodyl and warm Salt water after every meal and/or snack. I'm also prohibited from using electrical items (so can't even make myself a cup of tea) and I'm supposed to have someone watch over me for the next 24 hours.

I can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a really fun day!
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Lets Fly, Lets Fly Away!

This week I have have found myself more distracted than usual as I've been asked to create a flyer for the charity School Aid. An existing flyer was created in Word which had the charities logo at the top looking more like a letter head and the paragraphs were in an odd sequence, asking for volunteers, introducing the charity then specifying the roles their volunteers would need to fill.

I had intended to use the photograph as a background for the entire flyer, however the pictures I was provided with were too small for this possibility. Instead I concentrated on a small section in the bottom right corner which I posterized which allowed me to keep the pic as small as possible, although it also required to be posterized. I played with the curves to get the colour balance right (the background was originally beige) and there's probably something else that requires my attention, but I can't think of anything other than the font I used for the paragraphs has odd looking 'k' and 'j' characters.

Shake n' Bake

Today was Pancake Day and there as no shortage of them today as I'd bought a batch of fifteen large eggs just to be sure that there would be enough to go around. Unfortunately it had completely slipped my mind to make sure that there was any Jif Lemon Juice or Maple Syrup so today's pancakes were mostly plain.

This was also the day I prepared a Fish Pie using a selection of Frozen Fish I'd purchased, poaching them in Milk with some sliced Onion before draining the milk into a bowl to use it to create the sauce and also cook some vegetables before putting the sauce and the fish into a casserole dish, covering it with mashed potato that I'd prepared earlier and shoving it in the oven.

The pie itself tasted fine, although I was left feeling hungry, so I just knocked up another batch of pancakes!
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Matters of Great Importance

I have been lead to believe that today holds some manner of importance, however I have found myself distracted as of late and having had time to reflect I was last able to enjoy the art of conversing with beautiful women over ten days ago. Looking at my calendar, I'll be distracted for the rest of this month and next with only the weekend of the 25th - 27th of May set aside. Of course it's Shrove Tuesday next week so there should be pancakes aplenty and the following Wednesday is the 29th of February which is extra special as it only happens every four years.

Of course today had some significance to me as I received a packet containing the hard to find Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospaeda DVD double pack. If Super Dimensional Century Orguss were still available I would be able to have the entire Super Dimension series.

My monthly stash of comics also arrived today along with two issues of Hobby Japan, Rachel Rising and an IDW comic there's Action Comics and Animal Man #6 the first issue of Conan the Barbarian (the King Conan series was quite brief) Danger Girl Over-sized Treasury Edition which was quite surprising, and I'm hoping that the series will continue so I can see Phil Noto's specials in that format, there's also Danger Girl: Revolver which looks suitably amusing.

Distorted Panel

With Twelve of Thirty-Six Pages out of the way (six of them already toned and lettered) which means I'm one third of the way towards completing this issue, although I'll have to finish it all before I can consider who to put on the cover. One thing that did surprise me, after carefully measuring and lining up the panels on the most recent page I discovered that I'd managed to make one side of the panel 5mm shorter than the other which you can see in the photo as Google+ added a black background to the transparent area of the image.

I'll give myself until the end of April to get this finished, although, as I don't have a Crystal Ball, I cannot predict whether there will be any unforeseen events that will interfere with my progress.


It's cold this time of year, which should come as no surprise due toi the fact that it is Winter. What DID come as a surprise however during Saturday evening I noticed that the drive was brighter than it should have been, I took a quick glance outside, noticed it was snowing then went about my business. A few hours later I mentioned that it had been snowing to my Brother who was playing Halo Reach and to my surprise was completely oblivious to the fact that it had been snowing (despite the fact that he had a clear view of the snow covered back garden). He quickly finished his game, went into the garden to throw snowballs at the window before going into the driveway to build a snowman. 
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I found this rather interesting:


Commercial gallery opening in Brighton, looking for artists to submit work. We are looking for Limited edition prints only. Pop art, Urban art, Illustration etc.

We are NOT looking for traditional styles or original paintings.

Please email 3 JPEG samples of your work and a short description.

Put Submissions on the title of your email.

Please note only successful artists will be contacted.

Thank you

Not sure what they're looking for in the way of of Illustration but I don't think they'll get much in the way of 'Pop art' which I view more as a product of its time (almost fifty years ago) and that time has passed.